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Brograve Mill

Brograve Windmill

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Brograve Windmill was built in 1771 by Sir Berney Brograve and is a wind pump located on Brograve level on the river bank of the Waxham New Cut in the parish of Sea Palling within the Norfolk Broads National Park.

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Berney Arms Windmill in the Summer

Berney Arms Windmill – Summer

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The Berney Arms Windmill is currently owned by English Heritage and is located on the north bank of the River Yare about 3.5 miles north-east of Reedham.

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Cley Windmill in Spring

Cley Windmill – Spring

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Cley Windmill is located at the edge of the small North Norfolk village of Cley, next to the coastal marshes and a network of drainage channels.

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Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill - Spring

Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill – Spring

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The Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill is located at the head of the staithe in the small broadland village of Thurne. Built in 1820 by England’s of Ludham the mills sails were uprated to patent sails with a fantail in 1835. In 1919 the cap of mill was blown off in strong winds.

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Horsey Windpump in Norfolk

Horsey Windpump – Spring

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The Horsey Windpump is set within the Broads National Park, and provides stunning views over the coast and Broadland landscape. Operated by the National Trust, the windpump is currently open to the public.

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