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Thurne Dyke Drainage Mill

Thurne Dyke Drainage Mill – Summer

08.06.2015 | 0 |  3 

What I thought was going to a clear evening at Thurne turned out to be a partially cloudy evening instead. As the sun started to set the low level clouds started to get darker and with the rays of sunlight shining through all added to make the scene look very dramatic.

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Sheringham Park - North Norfolk

Sheringham Park

06.06.2015 | 0 |  4 

After my visit to Felbrigg Hall, I thought I would take a stroll through Sheringham Park as it is just down the road. I know that the rhododendrons and azaleas are blooming around this time of year.

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Felbrigg Hall - North Norfolk

Felbrigg Hall

06.06.2015 | 0 |  1 

After a busy week and having one of my photos of Horsey Mere being featured on the National Trust East of England web page as ‘photo of the month’, I thought I would use my membership and take a trip to Felbrigg Hall.

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Holkham Bay and Beach - North Norfolk

Holkham Beach

04.06.2015 | 0 |  2 

Today I went on a photography workshop with experienced Landscape Photographer Jon Gibbs, who helped me fine tune some of my photography techniques.

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Filby Broad

Filby Broad

11.03.2015 | 0 |  5 

Filby Broad is one of five broads in the Trinity Broads and is situated next to the village of Filby. The broad has an abundant selection of birds and wildlife and is connected to Ormesby Broad and Rollesby Broad via a narrow inlet under Filby Bridge.

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Ormesby Little Broad in February

Ormesby Little Broad

08.02.2015 | 0 |  4 

Ormesby Little Broad is one of the broads that forms the Trinity Broads and is situated between Rollesbury and Filby Broad. At the south end of Ormesby Little Broad you can hire boats to row around the broad.

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Reedham Swing Bridge


23.08.2014 | 0 |  2 

Reedham is a village located on the River Yare. Reedham is only handful of places left that has a fully operational railway swing bridge.

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Brograve Mill

Brograve Windmill

22.08.2014 | 0 |  1 

Brograve Windmill was built in 1771 by Sir Berney Brograve and is a wind pump located on Brograve level on the river bank of the Waxham New Cut in the parish of Sea Palling within the Norfolk Broads National Park.

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Berney Arms Windmill in the Summer

Berney Arms Windmill – Summer

18.08.2014 | 0 |  2 

The Berney Arms Windmill is currently owned by English Heritage and is located on the north bank of the River Yare about 3.5 miles north-east of Reedham.

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