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Blicking Bluebells

Bluebells at Blickling

06.05.2016 | 0 |  0  

Blickling is a fantastic place to find bluebells at this time of year and it is my number one place in Norfolk to photograph them. You only have to walk through the Great Wood to soon discover them all around you.

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Winterton-on-Sea - Sand Dunes and Heather


02.08.2015 | 0 |  3 

After a delicious roast dinner, I thought it would be best to walk it off my by taking a stroll along the sand dunes at Winterton-on-Sea. I often drive passed Winterton, but I have never stopped to have a look around.

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Breydon Water in Summer

Breydon Water – Summer

23.07.2015 | 0 |  2 

Breydon Water is one of my favourite spots to visit throughout the year. It never disappoints with great views, lots of wildlife and amazing sunsets, there is always something to photograph (even the rubbish people dump – if you’re into that kind of photography).

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Sheringham Park - North Norfolk

Sheringham Park

06.06.2015 | 0 |  4 

After my visit to Felbrigg Hall, I thought I would take a stroll through Sheringham Park as it is just down the road. I know that the rhododendrons and azaleas are blooming around this time of year.

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Felbrigg Hall - North Norfolk

Felbrigg Hall

06.06.2015 | 0 |  1 

After a busy week and having one of my photos of Horsey Mere being featured on the National Trust East of England web page as ‘photo of the month’, I thought I would use my membership and take a trip to Felbrigg Hall.

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Wild pink flowers on the beach

Great Yarmouth Beach at Sunrise

06.06.2015 | 0 |  4 

After a restless night sleep, I thought I may as well get up and do something productive. I recently had a photography workshop with Jon Gibbs at Holkham Beach, where I got some great shots of the north Norfolk coastline and sand dunes.

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Bluebells in The Great Wood, Blickling Estate

Blickling Estate

12.05.2015 | 0 |  3 

After Saturdays visit to Blickling Hall, I seriously under estimated the scale of the estate and the time required to walk around it. So today I found a Blickling estate walk guide on the National Trust website that shows a route around the estate that takes two hours to walk.

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Rapeseed and Sunset at The Beeches, Blickling Hall

Blickling Hall

09.05.2015 | 0 |  2 

The weather hasn’t been great over the last week and it wasn’t much better this weekend, although it was forecast to be sunny at last light this evening. For a while, I have wanted to photograph some bluebells in some woodland and know they appear to be blooming about now.

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Ashtree Farm Drainage Mill

Ashtree Farm Drainage Mill

26.04.2015 | 0 |  1 

Ashtree Farm Drainage Mill was built in 1912 on the bank of the River Bure, just west of Great Yarmouth. The Drainage Mill was built on the site of an earlier mill.

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Cow Tower, Norwich

Norwich – Spring

11.04.2015 | 0 |  4 

The fine historic city of Norwich has a medieval castle and cathedral that dominates the Norwich skyline. During this clear sunny day in early April, I walked along the bank of the River Wensum, photographing some beautiful architectural scenery of the Cathedral, Pulls Ferry, Cow Tower, St James Mill and the Quay Side.

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