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Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill - Spring

The River Thurne – Spring

04.04.2015 | 0 |  4 

These photos of Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill, St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill and boats on the River Thurne, were snapped in early April one evening as I was walking along the River Thurne just before and during sunset.

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NWT Martham Broad and BoatHouse

Martham Broad

22.03.2015 | 0 |  3 

Martham Broad is situated on the eastern side of the Broadland and is approximately 2 km north of Martham village. The broad is owned and operated by Norfolk Wildlife Trust and is split into two sections with the River Thurne running through the middle of it.

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Rollesby Broad

Rollesby Broad

20.03.2015 | 0 |  3 

The Rollesby Broad is situated next to the village of Rollesby and forms part of the Trinity Broads. The broad has an abundant selection of birds and wildlife and is connected to Ormesby Little Broad and Ormesby Broad via a water passage under Main Road.

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Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill - Winter

Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill – Winter

08.02.2015 | 0 |  5 

The Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill is located at the head of the staithe in the small broadland village of Thurne. Built in 1820 by England’s of Ludham the mills sails were uprated to patent sails with a fantail in 1835. In 1919 the cap of mill was blown off in strong winds.

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St Benet's Level Drainage Mill

St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill – Winter

08.02.2015 | 0 |  6 

St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill near to Ludham sits on the bank of the River Thurne. The mill originally built in 1775 has had an interesting history being modified and later blown down in the 1890s.

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Breydon Water showing Lockgate Mill before sunset in November

Breydon Water

14.12.2014 | 0 |  4 

Breydon Water at Great Yarmouth in the east of Norfolk is a large stretch of sheltered estuary . It is at the gateway to the Broads river system on the eastern edge of Halvergate Marshes.

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Berney Arms Windmill in the Summer

Berney Arms Windmill – Summer

18.08.2014 | 0 |  2 

The Berney Arms Windmill is currently owned by English Heritage and is located on the north bank of the River Yare about 3.5 miles north-east of Reedham.

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