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After a delicious roast dinner, I thought it would be best to walk it off my by taking a stroll along the sand dunes at Winterton-on-Sea. I often drive passed Winterton, but I have never stopped to have a look around.

I parked up close to the beach and started walking north passed the sheds towards the sand dunes. As I got higher on the dunes I could see The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity and All Saints as well as Winterton Lighthouse in the far distance which was deactivated in 1921.

As I walked along the dunes I came across some heather. The sun was setting and the light was quickly fading, but I managed to capture the beautiful pinkish/purple colours of the heather which during the intense daylight look very washed out.

From there I walked further up the dunes to the highest point I could get to and watched the sun setting. As the sun set further and further towards the horizon, the rays reflected on the clouds which resulted in some spectacular rich colours of orange and magenta.

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