Turf Fen Mill – Spring

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This evening’s weather conditions were ideal to take a drive out to Turf Fen Mill. Back in January, I went to Turf Fen Mill and got some amazing shots of the sun setting and windmill reflecting in the River Ant.

This time I wanted to get some shots from a different perspective and was hoping to get some photos of Turf Fen Mill with some pink coloured clouds.

Luckily the river was really calm and although there were a few boats moored up obstructing my views,I still managed to get some fantastic shots and even met an enthusiastic photographer Neil Almond.

As the sun started to set on the horizon the clouds started turning yellow, orange and then pink. I managed to get the shots I wanted. I then noticed the moon appearing from behind the clouds and I managed to some photos with Turf Fen Mill and the moon reflecting in the river.

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