Turf Fen Mill

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I had an eventful trip out to Turf Fen Windmill tonight in the hope I would get some reflective shots of the mill in the river. On my last visit, I forgot to take my wide angle lens and missed out on some fantastic reflections of the mill in the water, this time I did not forget it.

When I got down to the river, there were still many boats moored up. After some scouting along the bank looking for ducks, swans and boats, I was able to get a find a suitable vantage point with nice reflections.

After waiting for a passing boat and the ripples to settle I was able get some shots as the sun was setting. I waited around until the light started to fade and got some shots at twilight.

After calling it a day, I got back to the car to find that the wife had only left the lights on killing the battery (Ooops!). Not to fear we were soon rescued by my parents who gave us a jump start.

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