Sheringham Park

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After my visit to Felbrigg Hall, I thought I would take a stroll through Sheringham Park as it is just down the road. I know that the rhododendrons and azaleas are blooming around this time of year.

I visited the park last year but the weather wasn’t brilliant and as I was in the area I thought why not. I know from my last visit that the gazebo in the park offers great views of the North Norfolk coastline and I thought it would be nice to end the day by watching the sun setting from there.

As I wondered through the park I tried to capture the rays of sunlight coming through the trees hitting rhododendrons. I am glad I came as I could see some petals on the ground from the rhododendrons. It looks like they won’t be around for much longer so I made the most of capturing the colourful array of flowers.

I then headed to the Temple where I captured an overview of the landscape and Sheringham Hall. From the Temple I headed down the hill (avoiding numerous cow patties), towards Sheringham Hall where I captured the hall just before the sun went behind the tree line. I then headed to the Gazebo and walked up the steep steps and ascended to the top to watch the sun set. Unfortunately the sun set behind a thick blanket of cloud so it was a bit of a disappointment, but still I captured some fantastic shots of the coastline and park that featured some colourful clouds.

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