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After popping to Cley next the Sea, I decided to stop off at Sheringham on the way home to see if I could get any long exposures of the sea groynes and beach rocks during sunset.

I parked off at the top of the promenade, where I came across a boating lake with some great reflections of a shelter in the water. I liked the symmetry so I got a few long exposures of the shelter and reflections before heading down to the beach.

I got down to the beach to find that the tide was low and only starting to come in. Still I walked down to the beach as I liked the reflections of the sea groyne stumps in the wet sand which also reflected the colours of the sky and clouds on the horizon which was being lit up by the sun behind them.

I stayed around until twilight before calling it a day and headed home past Cromer where I stopped off and got some tasty sausage and chips.

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