Sea Palling Beach

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I wanted to make the most of this weekend by getting out and about, and although the weather conditions were heavy downpours and overcast, I tried to make the best of a bad situation.

I thought of ways how I could use the bad weather to my advantage and decided that if I could use filters to add more drama to a scene, it may result to some interesting shots. I opted for a coastal scene as I could capture the movement of the clouds and sea. I then selected Sea Palling as a location for the trip as I know they have some interesting coastal defences and plenty of rocks allowing me to capture the waves moving through the rocks.

On my arrival the rain was coming down really heavy and all my equipment was getting very wet (as anticipated), so I positioned myself and my camera away from the direction of rain and wiped the raindrops off the filters and composed a few shots. I climbed on rocks and got low to the beach to get different perspectives and checking the filters after every shot for sea spray and raindrops.

I was glad to get a few dramatic shots and although my feet got a bit wet, it just proves that you can still get good photos in all kinds of challenging weather conditions.

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Love this picture the water looks great must have taken some time to capture it well done.

Alison |28.07.2015 |21:12 PM

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