Horsey Windpump – Sunrise

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I took a drive out to Horsey Windpump this morning in the hope of finding some fog and frost as I thought this would add to a nice sunrise shot. On my arrival I was bit disappointed to see there was no fog anywhere to be seen and hardly any frost on the ground as predicted by the BBC Weather, THANKS BBC!

Still the skies were clear and the sun was due to start rising anytime so I walked around the staithe toward Horsey Mere looking back towards the windpump where managed to get some nice warming shots of the windpump at sunrise. The sun as it started to rise made the reeds in the foreground light up a golden colour giving the shot that warmth I was after.

As the sun got higher in the sky, the light became too intense to photograph so I headed to the mere where the water was very calm and created some almost mirror like reflections.

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