Horsey Windpump and Mere

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I went north to Horsey this evening in the hope of capturing some reflective shots of the Mere during and after sunset.

When I arrived I walked around the perimeter of the Horsey Windpump where I found a nice vantage point of the mill reflecting in the water. I only wish that the sails and fantail were still installed as this would have made for a nicer shot.

Still it is nice to document this stage of restoration process for historical sake. From the windpump I walked around the staithe towards the mere but as I looked back I saw the Moon just appeared above the tree line. The clouds started turning pink as the sun was setting lower on the horizon so grabbed a shot of the windpump and Moon before heading sharply to the mere.

I arrived to find the sun nearing the horizon but found the waters at the west side of the mere were very disturbed and not as calm as I had hoped. I quickly learned from Melanie Cambridge, a very talented artist on a visit for the “A Brush with the Broads” event, that some boats had recently gone past and disturbed the water.

So I focused my attention on the areas of water that had settled nearer the entrance of the staithe and boathouse, which still resulted in some positive results.

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