Holkham Beach

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Today I went on a photography workshop with experienced Landscape Photographer Jon Gibbs, who helped me fine tune some of my photography techniques.

The last place we visited on our workshop was Holkham Bay which is located within the Holkham Estate in North Norfolk. With its large sandy beaches, sand dunes and the surrounding area being a national nature reserve, all make it a very picturesque location to photograph.

As it was my first time visiting Holkham Bay, Jon advised taking some wellington or waterproof boots and to know what time high tide is. Quite often there is a small channel of water between the pinewoods and beach so without waterproof footwear you are going to get your feet wet.

The beach and sand dunes are to the right of the bay and it is important to keep an eye on the tide and the time to make sure that the sea doesn’t fill the bay too much that your get into trouble. If the tide starts to come in, then best to continue walking along the beach towards Wells-next-the-Sea until you find a low water level to get back to the pinewoods.

Jon and myself were hoping for a bit more cloud above this evening, but Sod’s law it was covering what would of looked like a beautiful sunset. Still the shots came out really well and all I can say is good company and great location equals fantastic day.

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