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Happisburgh is a small village on the east coast of Norfolk and is where you will find the only independently run lighthouse left in Great Britain.

The village is probably more famously known for the devastation it has sustained due to coastal erosion.

By walking along the beach, you can witness the devastation that the village has suffered. As you walk along the coastline you can often find remains of homes where they have fallen victim to the sea. You will also find a WWII Pillbox which was once situated on top of the cliff, now it lies upside down many meters from the cliffs.

During my visit to Happisburgh, I was fortunate to be able to ascend up to the top of St Mary’s Church where I managed to get some photos on a sunny but hazy day. Here you can get a different perspective of how much the coastline has changed. The caravan park for example, was originally seven rows, but it’s now five because of erosion.

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