Happisburgh Lighthouse – Summer

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The last time I took a trip to Happisburgh Lighthouse was back in the winter when there was snow on the ground and cliffs. I thought I would revisit Happisburgh again to see how much the landscape has changed since my last trip.

When I arrived, I was greeted with pitter patter of raindrops and in the distance I could see rain falling. I started heading towards the cliffs and I could see what looks like sugar beet growing in the surrounding fields. Once I got to the cliffs I looked back towards the lighthouse where I got some photographs of the rain clouds above and of the sunset in the distance.

Luckily the wind was blowing the rain clouds away from me and out to sea which allowed me to get a few more photos before last light. As I headed back, I couldn’t help noticing the zip wire in the new play area to the right of the lighthouse. I thought as I made all the effort to come here, it would be rude not to give it a go so I did, what good fun.

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This is an awesome image, you are doing great, just keep going :)

Megapixelstock |15.07.2015 |16:40 PM

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