Happisburgh Beach and Lighthouse

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On my last outing I went to Eccles on Sea, where I got some fantastic long exposure shots of the sea groynes and rocks. This stretch of coastline is no stranger to coastal erosion and this is well pronounced at Happisburgh.

The cliffs are eroding at such a pace that the rocks that have been place on the beach to slow the inevitable, now have to be moved closer to the cliffs to now be more effective.

The cost of such an arduous task is estimated to be around £75,000 and work has already started in preparation for the rough winter seas. I have visited Happisburgh Lighthouse many times, it never fails to disappoint when it comes to photographing it.

Today after walking my usual route around the lighthouse and capturing some amazing colours in the clouds at sunset, I took a detour to the beach to see what has changed. You only have to look out to sea to find the old defences which now are many meters now from the shore. I decided to take the opportunity as high tide was approaching to get some long exposure shots.

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