Great Yarmouth – South Quay

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I decided to leave a bit earlier than usual this morning to go to work as the last few days I have missed out on some fantastic sunrises. I cycle to work every day and I always go over the Heaven Bridge in Great Yarmouth. I happen to live in Great Yarmouth and I don’t really ever seem to photograph it.

South Quay Sunrise 2013

A few years ago I captured this shot on my iPhone of a beautiful sunrise from Heaven Bridge of the South Quay and thought it would be nice to try and reproduce it. When I got to the bridge I parked my bike up and got my Sony A6000 out ready and waited for the magic to happen.

Within a few minutes the sky starting lit up a beautiful pink colour and there was an intense orange glow on the horizon. I snapped away and moved back and forth along the bridge to get a few various vantage points before heading along the quay where I got a few shots of the boats moored up.

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