Great Yarmouth Beach

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It is not often that I visit the beach even though it’s about a 15 minute walk from my home, and I seem to always find other places to visit for a sunrise. So I left a bit earlier than usual this morning to go to work and cycled to the beach to watch the sunrise. As I was leaving the house I could start to see the clouds turning pink.

So I pedalled fast to the sea front where I parked up my bike and went for a wonder in the sand dunes. The foreground was still a bit dark and only left my filters at home so I waited until the sun started rising which gave some nice oranges a yellow colours in the clouds on the horizon. As the Britannia Pier was a bit too far in the distance to be a focal point, I decided to use the surrounding sand dunes as the subjects to photograph with the sunrise as a backdrop.

I got a few shots that I was happy with before the light got too intense and then headed off to work.

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