Frosty Thurne

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I had wanted to get some winter shots for a while and so far we haven’t had many what I would call cold or frosty days. So keeping an eye on the forecast and it looked like an opportunity would present itself at Thurne.

I took a drive out and parked on the Ludham side of the river and walked along the bank as sun was rising. After navigating through the frozen dykes, breaking up the layer of ice with my tripod, I position myself and camera so I would capture the sun rising in the frame with Thurne Windpump. I stood waiting patiently for the sun to rise and finally to get some great shots.

As the sun got higher in the sky I started making my way back to the river bank walking along it towards St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill. I got some shots of the mill, frosty reeds and ground before heading back to the car.

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