Felbrigg Hall – Autumn

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I took a trip to Felbrigg today to have a look at Felbrigg Hall itself and walk around the Great Wood to see if I could get some Autumn shots.

After taking a tour around the Hall and finding out some interesting facts, I walked the red route of the Great Wood in the hope of capturing some autumn shots. After walking about 300m into the woods it didn’t take me long to find leaves falling off the trees and scattered all over the ground.

I set up my camera and composed a few shots of the woodland. I then tried to find little features to focus on such as tree stumps, wild mushrooms and the branches of the trees with yellowing leaves.

The suns was lowering in the sky so I cut across the wood to the Victory Plantation to get some similar shots of my visit back in June so I could compare the different seasons before calling it a day.

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