Eccles on Sea

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I took a trip out to Eccles on Sea this evening to get some long exposures with the man placed rocks and sea groynes. Eccles on Sea is located south of Happisburgh and north of Sea Palling.

Before I set off to Eccles, I checked the tide times to be sure I would have good sea coverage over the rocks and sea groynes. I then checked the forecast as I wanted some overcast clouds that would add a bit of drama to my shots. So with both boxes checked, I headed off.

When I arrived the conditions were exactly as expected, I started off with different compositions and using a combination of filters to give me the look I was after. I was happily snapping away and then all of a sudden the sky lit up into a colourful display of intense reds, magenta and oranges as the sun was setting.

I didn’t stop snapping and I was able to capture some good long exposures that I was happy with. I am still fairly new to filters but I love how they can totally transform a shot into something pleasing to look at.

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