Cromer – Sunset

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It has been a while since I last went to Cromer and as the weather has been more like summer the last few days, I decided to take a drive there. I have recently purchased a new camera, the Sony A7II and thought I would see how it compared to my other Sony A6000 and A77II cameras.

The A7II has a full frame sensor and with 5 axis in-body stabilisation which is handy when trying to get shots when you don’t want to carry a tripod. The A7II allows you to run Sony Apps on the camera which is great as I have often used the SKY HDR app on my A6000 which simulates a ND graduated filter. This has allowed to get some great shots when I haven’t had my filters with me meaning and means I don’t have to carry all of my kit.

The first thing I tested was to see how the camera coped with shooting a sunset and if I would get any lens flare which is often an issue I have. Surprising the camera delivered some good shots with minimal flare in the shots and acceptable banding in places. I then headed on to the beach where I ended the night by getting some shots of the sun setting behind the pier. I was still able to get some usable shots before I had to increase my ISO and reduce my aperture to a lower f-stop to make the most of the light before heading home.

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