Bure Park

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I had been ranting recently about the weather as the winter so far has been fairly mild with more rain and storms than cold wintery conditions.

This said a dramatic turn in the weather this week meant that I was able to get some beautiful frosty shots of Bure Park this morning. By focusing on the leaf stricken trees reflecting in the frozen lake and using the frozen grass and reeds as the foreground I was able to get some wintery shots.

I wrapped up and was snug a bug and arrived well before sunrise to be sure that I made the most of the frosty grass and reeds. I quickly scouted the area to find some nice vantage points to shoot from and waited for the sun to rise. As the sun started to rise the sun rays shined through the trees and fog which gave a soft golden glow to the frost.

I was rather please with how the shots turned out and although my feet did get abet cold, it was definitely worth it.

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Roy Emery

Rather chilling, nice shots keep up the good work.

Roy Emery |17.02.2016 |15:09 PM

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