Breydon Water – Summer

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Breydon Water is one of my favourite spots to visit throughout the year. It never disappoints with great views, lots of wildlife and amazing sunsets, there is always something to photograph (even the rubbish people dump – if you’re into that kind of photography).

Over the last few days I revisited the waters as between the months of July to October you can often find sea lavender on and surrounding the marshes. On both visits I was fortunate to have the sunset creating beautiful arrays of colours in the clouds that complimented the sea lavender. I did however have a few issues with pesky bugs sitting on my lens and wanting to set up camp on my camera monitor (a useful tip, use a dust blower to get blow them off).

I recommend anyone visiting Breydon Waters to get a few photographs, but to also sit down and take in the surroundings. If you walk along the path on the east side of the waters under the Breydon Bridge on the ASDA side, you will find a bench just past the bird hut which is a great spot to sit and look over the waters.

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