Blickling Hall

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The weather hasn’t been great over the last week and it wasn’t much better this weekend, although it was forecast to be sunny at last light this evening. For a while, I have wanted to photograph some bluebells in some woodland and know they appear to be blooming about now.

After some research, I found that one of the best places in Norfolk to find some would be in the woodlands within the Blicking Estate. So armed with my camera, I headed to Blickling Hall which is situated in the village of Blickling, just north of the town of Aylsham.

This is the first time I have been to Blickling Hall and although I have seen pictures of it, it isn’t until you see the Hall in person, you realise how big and grand it is. The beautiful soft Tutor brick house is a sight that you won’t forget in a hurry and is a classic English beauty renowned for its gardens.

The hall was built in 1616 and currently is in the care of the National Trust and is open to the public all year round for a small fee. I parked in the main car park and walked to the main entrance to the hall. The weather wasn’t great and it was a bit overcast, but I got some shots of the front of the Hall and main entrance.

As I was there, I bumped into photographer Neil Almond again, who had the same idea as me to get some snaps of the bluebells. After a brief chat I headed to the lake as I wanted to get some shots of the rear of the hall over the lake.

I walked around the lake until I found a great vantage point and waited for the water in the lake to settle so I could get some reflection shots of the hall and surrounding trees in the lake.

After I reached the top of the lake and hearing the chime of the hall clock, I realised that time had flown by and that the sun was setting rapidly. I headed over to the beeches woodland where the sun was shining through the trees giving the ground a golden glow. I headed into the woodland and was lucky to find a small group of bluebells and quickly snapped them at last light.

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