Berney Arms Windmill – Winter

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Well, happy New Year to everyone but what on Earth has happened to the weather these last few weeks. It has been wet, cold and even more wet so trying to go out and get some worthwhile shots has been a bit challenging.

Luckily for me, I managed to find some free time today so I checked the forecast for the evening which didn’t look too bad and headed out to Burgh Castle in the hope of capturing a warm sunset.
As per usual I was greeted with a range of rather large clouds, the Sun was behind the clouds making them glow a light pinkish colour, which made the black tower Berney Arms windmill really stand out on the horizon.

As the sun was setting lower in the sky the colours of the clouds began to change and with the combination of low tide which revealed the wet mud flats reflected the sky on them and made for a nice picture.

I waited around until the light faded and Sun started making the clouds glow on the horizon before heading home with a few shots I was rather pleased with.

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