Berney Arms Windmill at Sunset

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I took a trip out to Burgh Castle this evening to get some photography of the Berney Arms Windmill as the sun was setting.

The last time I was at this location was in December last year where I captured the sun setting behind the windmill which resulted in some fantastic shots. On my arrival, I headed down to the river bank and set up my camera and started my composing shots.

The sun had gone behind a cloud which was a little disappointing but still the rays bounced of the surrounding clouds which made for some really colourful skies.

As the sun was setting I noticed the moon rising above the tree line which looked really clear. So I thought I would test my sturdy tripod and telephoto lens to see what results I could get.

After snapping the Moon, I quickly turned back around to find the sky lit up with vibrant oranges and magentas. I got a few more shots of the windmill and crane which were now a silhouette on the horizon and stood out against the really intense colours of the clouds.

The light started fading quickly and as the temperature dropped, I called it a day happy with the shots I got.

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