Ashtree Farm Drainage Mill

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Ashtree Farm Drainage Mill was built in 1912 on the bank of the River Bure, just west of Great Yarmouth. The Drainage Mill was built on the site of an earlier mill.

The current mill has three floors and is constructed with red brick which is covered in black tar and has a base diameter of approximately 14 feet.

The mill has a boat shaped cap, fantail and tail pole. The mill also has two opposite doors on the ground floor and two windows on the first floor. The mill was damaged by gales in 1953 where it ceased to work, but since then a new cap has been installed and in early 2008, the mill was fully restored.

These photos where taken in spring of this year from Paddys Loke, capturing the mill with some fields of rapeseed before and during a colourful sunset. The other photos in this collection, where taken from the opposite side of the River Bure last spring.

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