Hickling Broad

Hickling Broad

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Hickling Broad is situated on the upper River Thurne and is the largest of the Norfolk Broads. The Broad is also a national nature reserve where you can find a vast amount of wildlife and rare insects.

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Cley Windmill

Cley Windmill – Winter

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Cley Windmill is located at the edge of the small North Norfolk village of Cley, next to the coastal marshes and a network of drainage channels. The windmill is а five storey tower mill that was built in the early 19th century has а stage at the second floor level that is twenty feet above the ground.

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Hunstanton Rocks and Cliffs

Hunstanton Cliffs

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Hunstanton is a popular holiday resort located on the west coast of Norfolk. Along the coast at Old Hunstanton is where you can find cliffs dating back to the cretaceous period.

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Thurne Drainage Dyke

Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill – Winter

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The Thurne Dkye Drainage Mill is located at the head of the staithe in the small broadland village of Thurne. Built in 1820 by England’s of Ludham the mills sails were uprated to patent sails with a fantail in 1835. In 1919 the cap of mill was blown off in strong winds.

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St Benet's Level Drainage Mill

St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill – Winter

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St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill near to Ludham sits on the bank of the River Thurne. The mill originally built in 1775 has had an interesting history being modified and later blown down in the 1890s.

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Ormesby Little Broad in February

Ormesby Little Broad

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Ormesby Little Broad is one of the broads that forms the Trinity Broads and is situated between Rollesbury and Filby Broad. At the south end of Ormesby Little Broad you can hire boats to row around the broad.

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Norwich – Winter

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Norwich as it says on the sign as you enter is a fine city that has a medieval castle and cathedral that dominates the Norwich skyline.

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Turf Fen Mill

Turf Fen Mill – Winter

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The Turf Fen Mill is a restored windmill that sits on the bank of the River Ant. It can be viewed from the bank of the River Ant at How Hill, The Environmental Study Centre for the Broads.

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Happisburgh Lighthouse

Happisburgh Lighthouse – Winter

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Happisburgh Lighthouse situated in the small village of Happisburgh on the east coast of Norfolk and is the only independently run lighthouse left in Great Britain.

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Caister-on-Sea Beach PillBox

Caister-on-Sea Beach

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The beach at Caister-on-Sea gives views of the Scroby Sands Windfarm and bear witness to some amazing sunrises. The beach has a range of sea defences which include sea groynes and boulders and has World War 2 pillbox.

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Breydon Water

Breydon Water

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Breydon Water at Great Yarmouth in the east of Norfolk is a large stretch of sheltered estuary . It is at the gateway to the Broads river system on the eastern edge of Halvergate Marshes.

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Berney Arms Windmill in December

Berney Arms Windmill

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The Berney Arms Windmill is currently owned by English Heritage and is located on the north bank of the River Yare about 3.5 miles north-east of Reedham.

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