Cromer Pier

Cromer – Sunset

04.06.2016 | 0 |  1 

It has been a while since I last went to Cromer and as the weather has been more like summer the last few days, I decided to take a drive there. I have recently purchased a new camera, the Sony A7II and thought I would see how it compared to my other Sony A6000 and A77II cameras.

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Blicking Bluebells

Bluebells at Blickling

06.05.2016 | 0 |  0  

Blickling is a fantastic place to find bluebells at this time of year and it is my number one place in Norfolk to photograph them. You only have to walk through the Great Wood to soon discover them all around you.

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Fosty Thurne Windpump

Frosty Thurne

19.02.2016 | 0 |  0  

I had wanted to get some winter shots for a while and so far we haven’t had many what I would call cold or frosty days. So keeping an eye on the forecast and it looked like an opportunity would present itself at Thurne.

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Frosty and foggy Bure Park

Bure Park

16.02.2016 | 1 |  2 

I had been ranting recently about the weather as the winter so far has been fairly mild with more rain and storms than cold wintery conditions.

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Great Yarmouth Beach Sunrise

Great Yarmouth Beach

25.01.2016 | 0 |  0  

It is not often that I visit the beach even though it’s about a 15 minute walk from my home, and I seem to always find other places to visit for a sunrise. So I left a bit earlier than usual this morning to go to work and cycled to the beach to watch the sunrise.

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Great Yarmouth - South Quay

Great Yarmouth – South Quay

19.01.2016 | 0 |  2 

I decided to leave a bit earlier than usual this morning to go to work as the last few days I have missed out on some fantastic sunrises. I cycle to work every day and I always go over the Heaven Bridge in Great Yarmouth. I happen to live in Great Yarmouth and I don’t really ever seem to photograph it.

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Horsey Windpump at Sunrise

Horsey Windpump – Sunrise

17.01.2016 | 0 |  2 

I took a drive out to Horsey Windpump this morning in the hope of finding some fog and frost as I thought this would add to a nice sunrise shot. On my arrival I was bit disappointed to see there was no fog anywhere to be seen and hardly any frost on the ground as predicted by the BBC Weather, THANKS BBC!

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Berney Arms Windmill

Berney Arms Windmill – Winter

10.01.2016 | 0 |  2 

Well, happy New Year to everyone but what on Earth has happened to the weather these last few weeks. It has been wet, cold and even more wet so trying to go out and get some worthwhile shots has been a bit challenging.

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27.11.2015 | 0 |  3 

On the way back home from Happisburgh, I diverted to Gorleston-on-Sea as I could see some nice light in the sky and thought I would make the most of the day.

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Happisburgh Beach

Happisburgh Beach

27.11.2015 | 0 |  5 

The weather conditions were rather mixed today being mainly overcast which I thought would be ideal for some moody long exposure photography at Happisburgh.

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Misty Thurne Windpump

Misty Thurne

02.11.2015 | 0 |  2 

I got up very early yesterday morning in the hope of capturing some misty shots of Thurne Windpump and St Benet’s Level Drainage Mill.

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Rollesby Broad

Rollesby Broad

25.10.2015 | 0 |  3 

On the way back from Felbrigg Hall this evening, I quickly stopped off at Rollesby Broad where I got some beautiful shots of the broads from the jetty.

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